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Maifanshi stone

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Maifanshi is formed in the valley streams of porphyritic pea gravel, called Maifanshi ancient China. Because of their appearance had a big Brown rice ball Yongming. 

Maifanite into medicine, soak off the water they drink, but also for bathing, with fitness and investigate the pharmacodynamics. In recent years, Japan has also Maifanite reached a "desperate and health" (health-stone) good name.


Maifanshi contained in the minerals and chemical composition, whether conventional or chemical analysis with modern testing techniques has proven analysis contained radioactive rare earth elements and all the right ingredients Human useful and harmless. Done with medication, and their contents completely meet the medical and health standards.


Maifanshi handled by drinking water, which not only increase the human needs of a variety of minerals, Ion and water to make changes in active and can adjust the water. Meanwhile, Maifanshi absorb water due to pollution of trace toxic substances such as mercury, cadmium, phthalic acid esters (Pnthalualidestcr), cyanide (cgauil) chlorine and bacteria, thus bringing clean water into the activity of mineral water. Therefore, the long-term consumption of such water, the human body can absorb mineral nutrients, eliminate toxic substances, regulating metabolism.