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Water is the mother of life

Views [1159]    Published:2016-03-30 22:24:50
Water has been called the mother and matrix of life.  Water is so much of part of life that we tend to ignore it and look elsewhere for the magic bullet.  Recent discoveries have shown that all the symptoms of aging are in one way or another accompanied by slow dehydration of the cells of vital tissues associated with free radical oxidative damage.  Dr Alexis Carrel received the Nobel Prize for keeping the cells of a chicken heart alive for 38 years.  His research has proven that our cells are immortal; the wellness of the cells is determined by the fluid that bathes our cells. In this case, we refer our body fluid as the ‘inner terrain’.  The one cause of sickness is acidosis.  Imagine our inner terrain as a refrigerator, turn it off and see what happens.  There will be putrefaction, breeding ground for bacteria and manifest diseases.