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Alkaline Ionized Water: A Trick or Treat?

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Halloween is coming around the corner. Everywhere in neighborhoods has a frightening sight because of scary decorations of goblins, jack-o-lanterns and more are being setup. Children dressed up like zombies and ghosts knock on your door asking for a treat. You’d better give them the candy they ask for, or you’ll get a trick. Creatures from the underworld sure don’t bring blessing, they bring coercion, extortion and fear. But could the growing popularity of  ionized alkaline water be a trick or a treat for unsuspecting consumers?

The thought of water being a harmful trick is scary, because water is the essence of biological life on earth. Much of nature’s living things, both plant and beast depend on water. All life on earth is thought to have originated from water. The bodies of all living organisms are largely composed of water. About 70% -90% of all organic matter is water. To stay healthy, we also depend totally on water.

However, it’s not just any water, we need clean and healthy water. Tap water is a treat that’s needed, however depending on where you live it may be inhabited with toxins, chemicals, microbes, inorganics and metals.

Ionized alkaline water is the treat, tap water and bottled water are tricky.

The water filters equipped with ionization technology remove 99.99 percent of these contaminants and pollutants from your tap water, guaranteeing the cleanest possible water at your home.


What makes ionized alkaline water even more of a treat is its pH balancing powerin the body. A proper balance between acid and alkaline levels must exist for better wellness. The human body functions better when there is a balance between acidity, pH levels and adequate hydration. A water ionizer makes a difference by giving you access to clean, balanced ionized alkaline water.

What’s more, there is another benefit treat to ionized alkaline water that makes it less scary than tap or bottled water. It’s called oxidation reduction potential (ORP), the rate at which oxidation is slowed down. The lower ORP the healthier it is for you. The lower ORP, the more anti-oxidant power there is in your water. Now that’s a treat.

Ionized Alkaline Water is not a trick, but water with many healthy treats for your body. Here’s a list of treats and benefits from ionized alkaline water.

Ionized Alkaline Water Benefits

    • Weight Loss
    • Increased energy
    • Improved immune function less frequent colds and flu
    • Aids digestion
    • Aids in detoxification
    • Improved arthritis decreased joint pain
    • Excellent hydration
    • Improved mental clarity and a sense of well-being
    • Reduced stress
    • Best tasting water ever!
    • And Much More

No trick here, Happy Halloween! Stay save and enjoy your health and longevity with Alkavoda Ionizers. Cheers!