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New Hydrogen Cups released

Views [2162]    Published:2017-02-17 15:12:17

Why choose AlkaVoda Hydrogen Generator Cup?

  • It produces More Pure Hydrogen (600 to 1200 ppb plus)
  • You can make Unlimited Hydrogen Water. Just keep filling it up and keep making! It’s not repacked nor is it bought by volume
  • It has higher antioxidant ORP (-350mV to -550mV).
  • Less maintenance compared to other machines. It will last you 2 years at least.
  • Low electricity consumption. Your fans or light bulbs consume more electricity than this cup
  • 1 year warranty (only if product is manufacturer’s fault, if you break it, it’s not part of the warranty)

Some new models have been released, welcome global distributors and price inquiry.