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portable hydrogen water cup

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Portable Hydrogen-Rich Water Ionizer Maker

•Generate hydrogen-rich water in just 3 minutes with one-touch button

•Portable and Light

•Hydrogen produced by advance electrolysis method

•Battery charged via USB charger

•550/ 500/ 450 ml bottle for chosen

•No filters to change and maintenance FREE!

•Plug and play no need to setup

•Use only filtered water / tap water or mineral water

•Long-lasting battery power when fully charged

•Great for office executives and those on the move

•Stylish, Sleek and Handy

How to Use Hydrogen Rich Water Ionizer Maker?


Charge the device with the provided USB charger. 

  When the battery is charged, the LED on the button goes out itself

•Put water in the bottle, place the lid and press the button

•Drink hydrogen water after the operation stops in 3 minutes

•Repeat the process if the water is left for a few hours

•Repeat the above steps when you need to generate more hydrogen in the water.

•Use only water in the bottle