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Hydrogen Mister
Hydrogen Mister

Model Number: H2-F16

Sprayer Method: Cold Spray

Size: 35*125mm

Battery Capacity: 2200mAh

Water Tank Capacity: 16ml

Working Time:45at one time

Input: 5V/1A

Electrolysis Material: Titanium

Net Weight: 104g

Instant spraying and moisturizing your hand, skin, eyelashes, hair everywhere you go.

It's portable & rechargeable with standard USB cable.

Can be used before and after applying makeup, soften your skins and remove skin dryness & wrinkles.

Studies shown that hydrogen water is strong skin curing property after sun burned.

It rejuvenate and vital your skins against everyday oxidative stress.

Get the Real hydrogen rich water Mister for best skin care.

OEM order is welcomed.

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