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Q15 Hydrogen Water Bottle
Q15 Hydrogen Water Bottle


Model: H2-Q15

Cupbody: Tritan Bottle + Alumina Alloy
Capacity: 230 ml

Work time: 5mins & 10 mins

Battery: 2200mAh

Voltage: 5V USB

Temperature: 0-60

SPE: 7 Layers Titanium Platinum

PEM: Quality ion membrane

OperatingClick Switch

Charging Cable: Type-C Cable

Product size: 60X190mm

LED display/indicator: Display Time and battery power

H2: 3000- 5000ppb

ORP test: -300 ~-700mV

SPE/PEM Technology

Electrodes: 7 Layers Titanium + Platinum Coating

Membrane: Platinum Coating SPE/PEM Ion Membrane

H2 Generation Period - 5Min/ 10 Min

5 minutes mode: Click bottom button 1 time (Display blue light) see LED indicator showed 4:57 and battery power

10 minute mode: Click bottom 2 times very quickly in a row (Display blue light) see LED indicator showed 9:57 and battery power


This Hydrogen Bottle Q15 features an LED screen that not only adds to its modern aesthetic but also keeps you informed of the battery level and the timer for hydrogen production. 

This ensures you have complete control over the hydrogen generation process, making it easier than ever to incorporate the health benefits of hydrogen water into your daily routine.



 ·Portable and Easy to Use

·High quality Tritan flask bottle, BPA Free

·Super Reinforced Body Construction to withstand 6 kg/cm2 of pressure

·Latest DCS Smart PC board Module

·Special Engineering Back Pressuring Lid

·Turn any drinking water into hydrogen rich water instantly

·DUAL SPE/PEM Platinum Coated Ion membrane technology, hydrogen, and oxygen are fully separated. Make 100% pure H2 water at maximum H2 concentration

·High grade Titanium + Platinum coating Electrodes for durability, and better electrolysis

·Type C quick charging 2 hours for full charge.

·BPA Free Food Grade Materials

·Hydrogen bubbles are produced in the water visually during usage

3-in-1 Multifunctional Hydrogen Water Generator Bottle