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Whole House UV Sterilizer
Whole House UV Sterilizer

Whole House UV Sterilizer UVF-FS48

UVF-FS48 is the updated version of UVF-FS11 under-kitchen UV water filter, UVF-FS48 is the perfect final step to add to your whole-house water filtration system.

Our powerful UV-C technology can destroy bacteria Unseen pathogens, viruses, and even mold spores, allowing you to enjoy all the water in your home with peace of mind.

Ballast with intelligent flow sensor

Upgraded 110V-240V 48W ballast with intelligent flow sensor, automatic control and monitoring system performance. The Display panels shows the counter down timer, counting down from 600s to 0s once the number reaches 0, the UV lamp will be off automatically. The Number will show 600s again if there is water flow passing the UV chamber. Energy saving, prolonging the service life of the system, and preventing the system from overheating.

● Premium Safe Materials

1-inch MNPT inlet/outlet design for 12 GPM flow and minimal pressure loss; Premium 48-watt UV lamp (CHO436T5L) with durable quartz sleeve, bulb life up to 9,000 hours, ensuring water in 304 Stainless steel the long residence time in the reaction chamber enables efficient processing;

● Easy installation and maintenance

Comes with mounting clips for easy DIY installation. Annual replacement of the UV lamp and regular cleaning of the quartz sleeve are recommended to ensure optimum performance.

● Chemical-free, economical, environment-friendly

A safe alternative to chlorine treatment, free of chemical by-products, and low power consumption. Build your trust in water throughout your home by eliminating the risk that water from municipal/well.

We offer OEM/ODM service, please contact us for details.