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380 Hydrogen Water Flask
380 Hydrogen Water Flask

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2017 NEW Portable hydrogen rich water ionizer bottle provides more healthy water for you. It only need 3 minutes to produce a cup of hydrogen rich water which can be directly drunk.  320ml designed for travel size. 

H2 Hydrogen rich water bottle with SPE (PEM) electrolysis technology.

Our Special Advantages:

1. Puts only pure H2 into the water. Oxygen, O3 and chlorine are separated out.

2. Generates much higher concentration of hydrogen water than standard electrolysis bottles.

3. Our hydrogen rich bottle will create more H2 within 3 minutes than most bottles on the market.

4. Easy to operate for any age.

5. Made with high borosilicate glass + 304 stainless steel (Detachable design)

Item NameSPE Hydrogen Water Generator Cup
Item ModelAOA-380r
Item Sizeφ=70mm, H=205mm
Item FunctionMake hydrogen rich water for healthy drinking
Electrode material Titanium + Platinum
Material of cup lid & bottom304 stainless steel + ABS
Material cup bodyFood grade high borosilicate glass
Fast Electrolysis3 minutes
Hydrogen content800-1300ppb subject to different water quality 
Antioxidant ORP 0~ -720mv depends on source water quality
Detachable designEasy to clean
Working Temperature2-40 degree C
Rechargeable Battery1000mAh
Net Weight450g

Benefits for drinking hydrogen rich water:

  • - improve cellular health and enhance better nutrient absorption in the body
  • - improvement of blood glucose & HbA1c levels in diabetes mellitus 
  • - better hydration for your body- increase blood circulation
  • - help to lower saturated fat levels
  • - reduce aging to give healthy looking skin
  • - improve memory in aged individuals - reduce constipation problems
  • - aids in lowering cholesterol levels. 
  •  - detoxifies your body- improves the quality of life of cancer patients on chemotherapy and radiotherapy

Package List:
1 * Hydrogen Rich Water Ionizer
1 * Charging Cable

1* User Manual
1 * Color Box

Important Tips

When you use the device with very little bubbles, please wait and let water stay in the bottle for 1 - 2 hours (this way to swell SPE membrane), after spe membrane fully swelled, then it is ready to use.


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Should We All Be Drinking AlkaVoda Hydrogen-rich Water?

The health benefits of hydrogen-rich water which are said to stem primarily from protection against cell-damaging free radicals-merited further investigation. Atsunori Nakao, MD, PhD, a research associate professor of surgery at the University of Pittsburgh, who has conducted studies on the subject, he described research that is nonetheless intriguing. 

How Hydrogen works: you no doubt recall that a molecule of water, or H2O, consists of one atom of oxygen bound to two atoms of hydrogen. In our bodies, hydrogen functions as an antioxidant, helping to prevent cell damage and inflammation, protect DNA and combat out-of-control cell growth.

The point of hydrogen-enriched water is to provide hydrogen that is easier for our cells to use. Hydrogen-rich water is created through a simple chemical reaction-when a hydrogen water stick containing metallic magnesium is palced in a bottle of plain water, the magnesium elicits a reaction that constantly generates hydrogen with 0.3-0.5 PPM concentration.

                                                              Mg(s)+2H20(I) →Mg(0H)2(aq)+H2(g)


When a hydrogen-rich water generator cup, which has the electrodes like the water ionizer, is electrolyzing the water, lost of hydrogen generates rapidly. The hydrogen concentration is up to 1.1 PPM within 3 minutes.

                                                            2H20 →2H2+02

What can the AlkaVoda Hydrogen-rich Water do for you?

  • Improves hydration levels (up to 6 times better than regular water)
  • Improve the hypertension, hyperglycemia, hyperlipoidemia
  • Improving absorption of supplements
  • Improve gastrointestinal function
  • Super Anti-senility effects
  • Reduce the inflammation
  • Improve sleep quality
  • Improve memory
  • Reduces wrinkles

How is the Hydrogen-rich water working as an antioxidant?

Hydrogen-Water-Flask (1)

Hydrogen water absorbs into your body easily to boost your metabolism and increase the bodies micro circulation.

Molecular hydrogen is amazing. It is helping people with arthritis, type2 diabetes and Parkinson's. Athletes are using this gas to increase the amount of time they can work out. H2 water reduces the amount of lactic acid in the body.

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