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Q10 Hydrogen Water Bottle
Q10 Hydrogen Water Bottle

Specifications of Q10 Hydrogen Water Bottle

Item NameSPE Hydrogen Water Generator Cup
Item ModelAOA-Q10
Item Sizeφ=70mm, H=210mm
Item FunctionCreating hydrogen rich water for drinking
Electrode material Titanium with Platinum Coating
MembraneDuPont N117 PEM with SPE technology
Material cup bodyHigh borosilicate glass
Fast Electrolysis3 minutes/ 10 minutes
Hydrogen content1000-4000ppb (subject to different water quality) 
Antioxidant ORP -200~ -600mv
Detachable designEasy to clean
Working Temperature0-60 degree C
Rechargeable Battery1800mAh
Self Cleaning ModeYES

Features of Q10 Hydrogen Water Bottle

1: 380ml water is perfect capacity for drinking every time 2. DuPont N117 membrane with latest SPE technology, produce water with much higher concentration than other devices in the market. 3. Electrolysis plates are made of Titanium with multi-layers platinum coating. With the help of unique patent technology, electrolysis plates have more than 500 holes on them, this contributes to more hydrogen.

4. High borosilicate glass bottle, healthy & safe 5. Three working modes, 3 minutes & 10 minutes & cleaning mode.

6: Self-cleaning Mode (also called ozone mode), this helps to remove the water scale and prolong device life. Cleaning water can be used for disinfection. (water from this mode can not be drunk)

7. Exhaust-gas design , no Ozone & Oxygen & Hydrogen peroxide, reduce residue chlorine 8. Hydrogen max up to 4000 ppb ORP max up to -500mV after runing the device multiple times in a row. 9: 1800mAh lithium battery, device can process water about 20 times at 3 minutes mode

10. Use exclusive technology of hydrogen dissolve technology, hydrogen can be stored in the water for long time 11. No limit of source water, even distilled water and purified water can be used. 12. Equipped with simple hydrogen inhalation kit, easy to inhale hydrogen anytime & anywhere

13. Device can connect with PET bottles, drinking hydrogen water anywhere and anytime.

Package Included

1 * Hydrogen Rich Water Generator 1 * USB Charging cable (No Charger) 1 * User Manual 1 * Small Transfer Adapter 1 * Gift Box

*This small adapter is especially for PET Mineral Bottle available for EU & Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Israel, France, USA and over 98% countries in markets.

Pack 20pcs/ full carton.